Blackberry PIN Exchange

We all love Blackberry and you will hardly find a person who once used a Blackberry and didn’t fall in love with it. Blackberry has many features but all features has some cons (may be it is there way to allow third parties to earn some mulaha (money)).

Each Blackberry comes with a Blackberry Messenger where you can chat and transfer files or voice with your buddies. It is a very cool tool to share things and get in touch with your co-workers but Blackberry is no more a “Professional or Business Only Device” and many individuals are subscribing to their services.

To add a friend in your BBM (Blackberry Messenger) you need to know your friends e-mail ID or PIN number (which you can find under Option > Status > PIN or by typing mypin on any text area).

There are many websites which provide PIN Exchange threads like Facebook PIN Exchange application, Blackberryforums, Crackberry but all of them have some major limitations like for facebook app you need to be a registered user of a facebook and searching is not possible in it. While forum based exchange threads hardly get successful because the growing number of pages with PIN requests and inability of searching PINs of your interest.

One solution we have developed is (point your blackberry browser to this site) which is specially optimized for blackberry browsing. Though it is in very early stage of development and limited to few functionality only, we are very much focused on to make it world largest PIN exchange service.


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