Using your BlackBerry to help with resolutions

It’s only January 3rd, so hopefully your New Year’s Resolutions are still going strong. Yet we’ve all been there before, so we all know what will come later. Eventually most people veer off their paths and find themselves in the exact same places they were in 2011, and 2010, and 2009, and on and on. It takes an incredible amount of willpower and effort to break old routines and habits, and it takes even more to create new ones. Thankfully, technology can help here. Your BlackBerry can play a role in keeping your 2012 resolutions.

Calendar Reminders

One reason people slip on their resolutions is that they let them fade from memory. Yes, once upon a time they resolved to do something, but it’s hard to remember what happened last week, let alone what happened at the start of the year. What we need is a constant reminder of the goals we set.

When I really want to create a new habit or break a new one, I use my BlackBerry calendar, and I use it ruthlessly. That includes a reminder at least once a day. Those calendar events create pop-ups on my BlackBerry, so I see the reminder that one time. But I also have my Google Calendar set up, so that’s a reminder on my desktop as well as on my mobile. Ditto the iPad. That’s at least three reminders right off the bat. When I need real motivation, I set two or more reminders throughout the day. That way I’m seeing it a dozen times a day or even more. It’s hard to slip on something that’s right in front of your face.


Want to make sure your goals are always in front of your face? Chance your wallpaper. It won’t be as pretty as what you’re currently using, but it will serve an important function. That is, every time you open up your Blackberry you’ll see your goals right behind your icons.

This works great on BlackBerry 6 and 7 devices, since you can completely hide the menu. There are also a number of BlackBerry themes that keep your home screen free and clear. All you have to do, then, is to create a simple image file that contains only text. List your goals, and then set that image to your wallpaper. Voila! Your goals are always within reach, so there’s no way to let them slip from your mind.


Yes, there are some apps that can help you along with your goals. Many of them are free, too. For instance you can:

  • Track your calorie intake with apps such as Calorie Counter.
  • Get jump-started at the gym with an app such as Gym Technik and their new online personal trainer feature.
  • Start organizing your business with a CRM app.
  • Start organizing your life with a GTD app such as Conqu.

There are many more that will match your specific goals. App World is stocked to the brim with useful apps such as these.

Remember all those times you’ve been a slave to your BlackBerry — when you’ve jumped at the sight of the blinking red light. Don’t you want to turn the tables? Thankfully, that’s not too difficult. There are many ways you can use your BlackBerry to help keep your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions.

This post originated at – home to all things Blackberry! Also a great source of info about AT&T BlackBerry.

Using your BlackBerry to help with resolutions

This post originated at – home to all things Blackberry! Also a great source of info about AT&T BlackBerry.

Using your BlackBerry to help with resolutions

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